Auto Maintenance

Auto maintenance for your vehicle

The maintenance of your vehicle

Maintenance entails checking the various subsystems of the vehicle (engine, steering, transmission, car-to-ground components such as tires and suspension, braking, cooling, exhaust, lighting, electricity) and the replacement of parts or fluids.
For motor vehicles five years or older, maintenance can account for a significant part of the overall cost of having a vehicle. These days, new vehicles require little maintenance, as manufacturers continue to improve the quality and reliability of their products. Some manufacturers now offer warranties for up to 5 or even 7 years.
Ideally, vehicle maintenance is more than just simply flushing out the systems every 10,000 kilometers or so. Indeed, there are many items to keep in check on a regular basis.

Necessary maintenance to perform every 10,000 kilometers or 8 months.

- Change the engine oil
- Change the oil filter
- Change the pollen filter (cabin air filter) every 10,000 kilometers in urban areas and every 25,000 kilometers in rural areas.
- Visual check of the rotors and brake pads
- Check the condition of the battery without disconnecting it.

Necessary maintenance to perform every 15,000 kilometers or 1 year
- As a preventative measure, engine decarbonization using the Carbon Cleaning solution

Necessary maintenance to perform every 30,000 kilometers or 2 years

  - Bleed the cooling system and check that there is no leakage
- Bleed the brake system and check that there is no leakage
- Lubricate the door locks
 - Check the timing belts and accessories
 - Check the exhaust system
- Check the oil level in the gearbox
- Check the gimbal bellows
- Check the transmission bellows
- Check the engine hoses

Necessary maintenance to perform every 60,000 kilometers or 3 years

- Change the spark plugs in gas engines
- Change the fuel filter in diesel engines
- Change the timing and accessory belts
- Check the power steering fluid
- Change the air filter
- Drain the automatic transmission

Necessary maintenance to perform every 100,000 kilometers

- It is highly recommended to replace the distribution kit which is vital to the engine.
- Check and generally replace the shock absorbers
- Check the airbags

And lastly, to ensure the longevity of your vehicle, we advise you to perform a decarbonization treatment of your engine using the Carbon Cleaning solution every 15,000 kilometers before undergoing maintenance of your vehicle.
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