OBD Codes


Description of the defect

Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance Failure
Indicates the engine coolant temperature rationality test has failed. The PCM logic that sets this DTC indicates that engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT or CHT) drifted higher than the nominal sensor calibration curve and could prevent one or more OBD monitors from executing.
The PCM runs this logic after an engine off "calibrated soak period (typically 6 hours). This soak period allows the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) and engine coolant temperature (CHTor ECT) to stabilize and not differ by more than a calibrated value. DTC P0116 is set when all of the following conditions are met:
- Engine coolant temperature at engine start exceeds IAT at engine start by more than a calibrated value, typically 30°F (1°C).
- Engine coolant temperature exceeds a calibrated value, typically 225°F (107°C).
- The Fuel, Heated Oxygen Sensor, Catalyst and Misfire monitors have not completed.
- Calibrated timer to set DTC P0116 has expired.

Possible causes

List of elements that might trigger the appearance of this code

  • Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) or Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) sensor
  • Coolant System Concern

Diagnostic help

Some tricks to help us for the diagnosis of the failure

Ensure IAT and engine coolant temperature are similar when engine is cold. Also ensure engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT or CHT) and actual engine operating temperature are the same.
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