Engine hesitation

Does your acceleration inexplicably hesitate or suffer from loss of power?

Hesitating/stumbling acceleration in vehicles

Does your acceleration inexplicably hesitate or suffer from loss of power? The concern is that any number of underlying issues may be at the source of your acceleration woes.

In some cases, it’s simply an electronic malfunction between the connector and engine control unit that accounts for a loss in power

Injectors that seize up, due to impurities in the fuel (such as dirt or iron filings), may be the cause of loss of power. In these occurrences, the injection pressure becomes impaired, disturbing the uniformity of the fuel being injected into the combustion chamber and rendering it less than optimal.

Turbo hose
If the turbo hose for whatever reason becomes detached, it will not be able to deliver pressurized air into the engine, thus resulting in a loss of power. Therefore it is important to check that the hose is well attached, not only at the end from which air is delivered but also at the end in which it receives gas from the exhaust (located near the exhaust manifold) in order to function.

Air intake
An engine’s air intake hose can also be responsible for a loss of power. It is important that all ducts and channels remain sealed in order to function properly.

Problem with the air flow meter ( maf sensor)
The air flow meter may also be responsible for uncontrolled power loss, especially common in TDI engines. Principally, the air flow meter is responsible for regulating the amount of air that enters the engine  as well as its temperature, according to what is needed for the air/fuel mixture. It reports these measurements directly to the engine control unit. If the meter becomes too dirty, it risks sending false data to the part of the computer responsible for the fuel injectors, thus contributing to previously stated injection and power problems. Replacing the air flow meter will cost around 400 € if done professionally, and about 200 € if purchased on the internet.

Problem with the EGR valve
The EGR valve is responsible for recovering a part of the exhaust in order to redistribute it within the air/fuel mixture. It is possible for this valve to become dirty and get stuck in an open position (especially in diesel engines). In the event that this occurs, your engine will run less smoothly and experiencerough idling. Some engineers believe that the EGR valve system is not viable for the engine’s long term health.

Air/fuel filters
A fuel filter or an air filter that becomes clogged over time can contribute to a loss of power. However, this is not a grave issue and usually is only the result of gross neglect. Normally, these filters are changed regularly enough to avoid such issues.

Air intake
The engine requires air for combustion (this is especially important to consider for turbos that supercharge the engine with air). This air comes by way of the intake manifold/air intake. If the latter is clogged, there will be less air taken in and as a result poorer combustion.
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